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L & R Boat Latch Large (Fibreglass Boats)

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Note: The Heavy Duty snare is intended for really large boats. It is 33% bigger. Where the standard snare rates a tensile strength of 10 000 lbs, this heavy duty version is rated to 16 000 lbs.

Why is L & R the best option for your boat?

  • No need to drill new holes in your fibreglass boat or weld your aluminium boat
  • Robust – Simple – Marine grade Stainless – Long term service history
  • The ‘no strings or wires’ attached boat latch – this one is automatic
  • Simple and Easy to fit
  • It Really Works !


At the water’s edge set Latch to ‘Retrieve’  position. Release safety chain and release winch cable, so  the boat can roll/slide back and be caught by the  latch. Set the latch lever to the 'Release' (Port) position.  The boat and trailer are reversed into the water to  a depth where the boat MUST be UNABLE to  float off the trailer.  The latch is holding the front  of the boat, and there is resistance from  rollers/slides to movement. Start the boat motor and ease forward. The  spring loaded catch will automatically release.   Reverse or glide off the trailer.


Set the latch to “Retrieve” (Starboard)  position. Reverse trailer into the water to a similar  depth that was used for a “good launch” at  this ramp. Too deep (common mistake),  approach speed will be high and equipment  may be damaged. Drive the boat onto trailer to within one metre  of the latch and stop. When the boat has settled (2 seconds), gently drive it up the last metre to the latch.  The latch will now slide over the snare and the boat will be securely held.  Stop the motor and lift the propeller leg.

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