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Hammer Claw Galvenized 5.5lbs


Suitable for very small boats and kayaks
5.5lbs in weight

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Product Description

Sizes & Specifications

Hammer Claw Anchor Rec Boat Size (monohull) Appr. Weight Width at Head Inside Handle Length
HCgal-1 kayak 5.5lbs 9.5in 11.5in
HCgal-2 Up to 17ft 11.5lbs 16in 12.5in
HCgal-3 Up to 21ft 17.5lbs 18in 14.5in
HCgal-4 Up to 27ft 24lbs 20.5in 16.5in
HCgal-5 Up to 38ft 40lbs 24in 19.5in
HCgal-6 Up to 48ft 55lbs 26.5in 26.5in
HCgal-7 Up to 60ft 68lbs 27.5in 29in

Sea Floor / Substrate Suitability

Sea Floor Excellent Good Fine Fair Poor
Soft, Soupy Mud X
Firm Mud/Clay X
Grass Beds X
Hard Sand X
Gravel/Shale X
Rock/Reef/Boulders X

Additional Information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 10 x 11.5 in