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Originally designed in the early 1970s by Peter Bruce our Claw anchor is an inexpensive alternative. Easily deployed from your bow spirt it is designed to right itself no matter how it lands on the sea bed below. Quickly and reliably setting on most bottom types including mud, sand and rocky bottoms. Its reputation of not breaking out during wind and tide changes withstanding 360 degress of direction change once set continues.

Hammer Claw Galvenized 5.5lbs


Standard Claw Anchor Galvanized 11lbs


Stanard Claw Anchor Galvanized 16lbs


Hammer Claw Galvenized 11lbs


Standard Claw Anchor Galvanized 22lbs


Hammer Claw Galvenized 16.5lbs


Hammer Claw Galvenized 22lbs


Standard Claw Anchor Galvanized 33lbs


Standard Claw Anchor Galvanized 44lbs


Standard Claw Anchor Stainless Steel 11lbs


Hammer Claw Stainless Steel 11lbs


Hammer Claw Galvenized 33lbs


Hammer Claw Galvenized 44lbs


Standard Claw Anchor Stainless Steel 16lbs